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A New Generation of Farming

We raise grass fed .Katahdin sheep. Like our beef, there is no feed lot and no antibiotics.


Rebel Ridge beef is grass fed; no  feed lot and no antibiotics.

Currently Available:

Yearling heifers and bulls available now. $500 per animal.

Some mature breeding stock available. Proven cows $800. Cow calf pairs $1,200.

Packaged Beef Prices:

Raleigh, NC       Fri February 01, 2019        USDA/NCDA Market News

 North Carolina Grass Fed Beef Report (Monthly)
Report reflects grass fed beef prices available directly from producers to consumers on a retail basis. All beef products are considered "Local" to North Carolina and raised within state borders plus 50 miles outside the border. Cattle are processed under state and federal inspection.

Prices are FOB selling point; delivery and/or shipping not included.

**Next report will be published March 01, 2019.**

                                                 ($/lb)          Avg ($/lb)    Median ($/lb)

Whole Cow (Hanging wt.) 4.25-5.25        4.90            5.20

½ Cow        (Hanging wt.) 4.50-5.75        5.32            5.70

½ Cow        (Package wt.) 7.50-8.85       7.98            7.59

Finished Meat or Breeding Stock

We offer locally processed and packaged frozen lamb and beef or breeding stock. Lambs and calves are available for those wishing to start a homestead flock/herd, add new genetics to an existing flock/herd, or are looking to replace older stock.